Plan B Escape Game - breaking out has never been so exciting!

If the Plan A fails, Plan B is trump! Because with PlanB in Karlsruhe there really is adrenaline for your team!

Live Escape Game

Whether with friends, family or your working colleagues: Plan B in Karlsruhe will offer you an unforgettable experience. In our Escape Rooms, tricky puzzles and complex tasks are waiting to be solved by you.

The Idea

With your team, you access a mysterious room, while behind you a door closes. The solution to the puzzle is now fully in your hands. Are you able to reveal the secret of the room? What evidence will bring you further?

The leisure trend of the moment

  • You will need to cooperate with your team to solve the mystery of the room
  • Plan B takes the internet phenomenon Escape Game to real life – for all “Hobby-Sherlock’s” and those who want to become one: Escape the Room in Plan B in Karlsruhe

From the booking to the game

If you have successfully completed your booking at Plan B in Karlsruhe, you can start. With your team, you enter a room full of mystery. There seem to be enigmatic elements in every corner. Though, our Escape Rooms in Karlsruhe are about more than finding a key to freedom: are you clever enough to solve the secret of the crazy photographer? Or do you escape from your dungeon cell in time before reinforcement arrives?

  • Experience exciting puzzles and hidden hints in our Escape Rooms in Karlsruhe
  • Be clever and keep a cool head – Exciting adventures are waiting for your team
  • 1 hour full of thrills at Plan B Escape Game Karlsruhe – the dynamic alternative for your evening program

Your team

Who is suitable for an Escape Game? Plan B Escape in Karlsruhe offers friends, family or co-workers a guaranteed unforgettable experience. Our missions are available both in German and in English.

  • With friends and family: Our Live Escape Game in Karlsruhe as a common leisure activity or special gift
  • For tourists and guests: Karlsruhe from a different side, exciting and independent of the weather
  • For companies: A specially designed team event or teambuilding-measure

Escape Rooms
Plan B


It is dark. Dark your environment and the memory of the past few hours. What has happened? Your memory is enveloped by the fog of oblivion, while your eyes are searching the environment for clues. In the twilight they only see cold, rugged walls…

The forgotten laboratory of the crazy photographer

Behind his back, people had been whispering for a long time, giggling when he went back to the scene with his tripod and the camera. But no one guessed what was really going on in the head of the crazy photographer. Together with your team you go on his tracks…

Customer reviews

Reviews by Plan B Escape customers.
  • Haben den Kerker zu zweit durchgespielt und es war super. Es war unser erstes escape game aber definitiv nicht unser letztes. Der Raum war sehr detailliert gestaltet, die gewünschte Gruselatmosphäre sehr gut inszeniert und die Rätsel schlau gemacht. Top Erfahrung, gerne wieder PlanB.

    Das Personal war ebenfalls sehr nett und zuvorkommend.

    Sophia Z.
  • Sehr viel Spaß im Team und spannende Herausforderung! Nur zu empfehlen! Alleine hätten wir keine Chance gehabt. Es braucht echt jeden einzelnen! Ihr findet uns auf der Bestenliste 🙂 DJ Swege

    Benjamin L.
  • Fallout sehr zu empfehlen! Wir hatten viel Spaß im Raum Fallout. Ein sehr interessant gestalteter Raum, in dem wir viele knifflige Rätsel lösten, bis wir entkommen konnten. Definitiv zu empfehlen!

    Car A.
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