Breakout Escape Room

It is dark. Just as dark as your surroundings and the memory of the last hours. What happened? Now your eyes are looking at the environment for clues. In the twilight, they only see cold, rugged walls. In front of you, metal bars extend from the floor and block the way to freedom. You are sure: You have been wrongfully locked in this gloomy cell. Your cries for help fade in the dark hallways. And the guard in front of your cell lies there motionless. What is going on here? Together, will reveal the mysterious reasons for your detention. Can you escape the outbreak?

The breakout is one of our customer’s favorites. Recommended as a space for beginners, this Escape Room gives you the full Live Escape experience. With exciting puzzles and tricky codes to solve, your team’s wits will be tested quite a bit. You can look forward to some twists in the course of the scenario. It is an excellent “glue” for companies of friends or colleagues, as you need to get together to solve a mystery. Enjoy every moment of being here; use all your logic, patience and intellect to find the way out. Solve all the puzzles given, find all the hidden clues to succeed in this challenge.

  • Provides excitement and tricky challenges for clever minds!
  • deal for birthdays, bachelor parties or a trip with your friends and family in Karlsruhe.
  • For 2-6 players.
  • You have 60 minutes
  • Languages: German & English
  • Dates also available outside the indicated booking times on request.
from 16€ per Person
Price categories

2 People / 26€ per Person

52,00 €*

3 People / 24€ per Person

72,00 €*

4 People / 22€ per Person

88,00 €*

5 People / 18€ per Person

90,00 €*

7 People / 16€ per Person

112,00 €*
Meeting before the start of the Escape Game

Since the preparation for the Live Escape Game takes its time, we ask you to appear 10 minutes before the start.

Choose a date & book
Choose a date and time for your Escape Game.
Outbreak atmosphere
Without the classic ‘file in the cake’: Experience the unique atmosphere of escape games in our exit room
Tricky puzzles
Complex and challenging tasks are waiting to be solved by you in order to get ou
2-6 People
In the “outbreak” Escape Room 2 to 6 players can solve the room together
60 minutes time
Solve puzzles and escape in 60 minutes
Customer Experience
What do our customers say about Plan B Escape?
  • One hour of entertainment is guaranteed! Thanks to the friendly and helpful gamemasters, success and escape is near guaranteed. We will definitely see each other again soon!

    Thomas U
  • It was a lot of fun and surprisingly it wasnt that easy to do in the given time. We played „the Laboratory of the crazy fotographer“. Next time we’ll go into prison.

    Johanna K.
  • We played the room Fallout. Great riddles, very well thought through. Its was a lot of fun and a perfect afternoon with friends!

    Emily J
  • Very nice and funny personnel. Great rooms. It was so much fun! Continue the good work and hopefully there are new rooms soon.

    Stefanie W.
  • It was a lot of fun solving the differentriddles and the rooms lookd really good. On top oft hat there was Patrick, our helping hand, who was really nice and funny. Too bad we already plaxed both rooms.

    Manuela S.
  • We played the Kerker. A really awesome room, the riddles are very detailed. It was a really fun time. Top! Highly recommended!

    Roman R
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