The Dungeon Escape Room

Slowly your eyes get used to the dim light of a candle that illuminates the rugged walls that surround you. While your eyes are still searching for clues that might help you find out where you are, a door slums shut with a loud bang. Your head starts to rattle. You’re trapped. Why? Why did they bring you here? You search your memory for clues that might help you. But there is complete emptiness. You do not remember.

Escape from Dungeon

The dungeon is recommended as an escape games for beginners in Stuttgart. Lovingly designed, it offers an extraordinary atmosphere that will surely inspire you. Solving the quest will remain in your memory for a long time. This is exactly what is needed to diversify everyday life. With our quests it is quite easy to distract yourself from reality and plunge into the dark atmosphere of mysteries and secrets. Be inventive. Keep all your patience and attention, pay attention to all the details, because it can be another hint on the way to the exit. Use all your knowledge, and success will follow you on this hard road out of the Dungeon.


The quest has following specifications:

  • An ideal destination for birthdays, bachelor parties or a trip with friends or family.
  • For 2-6 players. Larger groups available on request.
  • You have 60 minutes
  • Languages: German & English
  • Games outside of the indicated booking times available on request.
The price starts at 22,50€ per person
Price categories

2 People / 35,50€ per Person

71,00 €*

3 People / 30€ per Person

90,00 €*

4 People / 27,50€ per Person

110,00 €*

5 People / 24€ per Person

120,00 €*

6 People / 22,50€ per Person

135,00 €*

7 People / 22,50€ per Person

157,5 €*
Meeting before the start of the Escape Game

Since the preparation for the Live Escape Game takes a little time, it would be best if you were here 10 minutes before the game starts.

Choose a date & book
Choose a date and time for your Escape Game.
The Dungeon
Dark Dungeon atmosphere
Experience an adventure for young and old in our Dungeon Escape Room. Live mystery room full of mysteries is exactly that thing, which will keep everybody interested.
The Dungeon
Tricky puzzles
Solve all the exciting puzzles in the Dungeon Escape Room
The Dungeon
2-6 people
2 to 6 participants can play in the Escape Room
The Dungeon
60 minutes time
The clock is ticking. 60 minutes to solve the secrets of the live mystery room
Customer Experience
What do our customers say about Plan B Escape?
  • Absolutely fantastic room (Fotolaboratory) with a smooth story and conclusive riddles. We were greeted and accompanied friendly – Thumbs Up!

    Escpecially the electronics were a Highlight.

    The Dungeon
    Marcel O.
  • Breakout had some challenging riddles and an unexpected beginning 😉 We were two people and got out with a few smaller hints.

    The Dungeon
  • It was a lot of fun solving the differentriddles and the rooms lookd really good. On top oft hat there was Patrick, our helping hand, who was really nice and funny. Too bad we already plaxed both rooms.

    The Dungeon
    Manuela S.
  • We played the Kerker. A really awesome room, the riddles are very detailed. It was a really fun time. Top! Highly recommended!

    The Dungeon
    Roman R
  • One hour of entertainment is guaranteed! Thanks to the friendly and helpful gamemasters, success and escape is near guaranteed. We will definitely see each other again soon!

    The Dungeon
    Thomas U
  • It was a lot of fun and surprisingly it wasnt that easy to do in the given time. We played „the Laboratory of the crazy fotographer“. Next time we’ll go into prison.

    The Dungeon
    Johanna K.
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