Exit room is a new trend in spare time activity

If you’ve always wanted to be in a post-apocalyptic world, then the Fallout games are designed exactly for you. Players are trapped in a bunker. You and your team will have to find a way to open the doors of the shelter and get out. The quest is made in the style of the legendary computer game Fallout. We have worked hard to recreate the atmosphere of the post atomic-apocalyptic bunker in Stuttgart. In order to get out, it is necessary to solve interesting logical tasks and thrilling puzzles. To complete the quest, teamwork and the ability to think logically are required, as well as attention to even the smallest details, because they can be important hints on the way out of the bunker.

Fans of quests will be pleasantly amazed by the atmosphere and details inside the quest. The connoisseurs of classic live escape will enjoy the presence of a large number of thrilling and breathtaking puzzles. Everybody will be pleased with not only the unusual implementation, but also with a new line of puzzles, the solution of which gives a special charm to the quest.

Fallout Escape Room

The Escape Room Fallout is suitable for both beginners as well as more experienced players. With a mixture of technical and cognitive skills, one is faced with the task of restoring the nuclear protection bunkers to ensure the survival of humankind. An adrenaline-packed adventure is waiting for you.


The quest has the following specifications:

  • A good team performance is required!
  • An ideal destination for birthdays, bachelor parties or a trip with friends or family.
  • For 2-6 players.
  • You have 60 minutes
  • Languages: German & English
  • Games outside of the indicated booking times available on request.
The price is from 22,50€ per Person
Price categories

2 People / 35,50€ per Person

71,00 €*

3 People / 30€ per Person

90,00 €*

4 People / 27,50€ per Person

110,00 €*

5 People / 24€ per Person

120,00 €*

6 People / 22,50€ per Person

135,00 €*

7 People / 22,50€ per Person

157,5 €*
Meeting before the start of the Escape Game

Since the preparation for the Live Escape Game takes a little time, it would be best if you were here 10 minutes before the game starts.

Choose a date & book
Choose a date and time for your Escape Game.
Fallout Atmosphere
Enjoy the unique Live Escape atmosphere in our Fallout Escape Room
Tricky puzzles
Solve all the exciting puzzles in the Fallout Escape Room
2-6 people
Between 2 and 6 players can participate in the Live Escape Game.
60 minutes time
Tik. Tok. The time is running. You only have 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles
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  • We played the room Fallout. Great riddles, very well thought through. Its was a lot of fun and a perfect afternoon with friends!

    Emily J.
  • Incredible experience, very well designed room, was a lot of fun! I can only recommend it!

    S. H.
  • We played the room of the crazy fotographer with two people. The riddles were very good and conclusive. It was a lot of fun. Personnel was very friendly.

    Thomas B.
  • Very nice and funny personnel. Great rooms. It was so much fun! Continue the good work and hopefully there are new rooms soon.

    Stefanie W.
  • Breakout had some challenging riddles and an unexpected beginning 😉 We were two people and got out with a few smaller hints.

  • We played the room Fallout. Great riddles, very well thought through. Its was a lot of fun and a perfect afternoon with friends!

    Emily J
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