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What’s an Online Escape Game?Immerse in the atmosphere of escape rooms, discover and solve all the puzzles in Full HD on your way to victory, controlling the character of the game using your voice.
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  • At least 15 Mbps Internet connection
  • Google Chrome Web Browser
Nice to meet you, I’m Paul.In this video our top-notch game-master Paul will lead you through the basics of the game. In just a bit more than 2 minutes.The rules of the game
The rules of the game
Online Escape GamesBook now and enjoy from your home
  • Escape Room The Dungeon

    A test against time, will you and your team be able to flee from our medieval torture chamber?

    • 2-8
    • 60
    • from €16
  • Escape Room Project Impossible

    Will you succeed in gaining access to the mysterious object and smuggle it out successfully?

    • 2-8
    • 60
    • from €16
  • Escape Room Fallout

    The unthinkable has become the truth and a terrible nuclear attack devastated the face of the world and destroyed a large part of humanity, will you manage to ensure the survival of humankind?

    • 2-8
    • 60
    • from €16