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How to Build Escape Room Challenges?

Escape rooms are the perfect way to bring a group of people together. The combination of a shared tasks, suspenses, time limits, cooperation and problem-solving mirrors real life – this makes it an especially popular activity for colleagues. Here is the Plan B blog guide to building an Escape Room challenge in Germany that will have people coming back again and again!

Escape Room challenges are the most interesting part of setting up an escape room building

Why should the players have all the fun? Building an escape room is equally if not even more exciting than participating in one.

A good escape room balances the difficulty factor with the thrill of discovery. It can be a challenge to find this ideal balance but it is a thrilling process that will improve your own deduction and reasoning skills.

As an Escape Room designer, you have complete control over what will happen during the challenge, including the pacing and even the characters. The experience is somewhat similar to writing and directing a movie and will appeal to your creative side. Don’t hold back!

How to create good ideas and scenarios for escape rooms?

Before you can create something, you have to understand it and the best way to do this is to experience it yourself. Before you design your first Escape Room, participate in a few. Going through the process as a participant will give you the perfect introduction.

Apply the parts that you and the other contestants enjoy the most about the adventure into your own designs. If there are parts of the experience that you and others did not like, perhaps it will be better to leave them out of your own version.

Another great source of ideas are films and books that you have enjoyed. Murder mysteries and thrillers are full of intriguing plot twists that will capture a participant’s imagination.

How to find the materials and accessories for escape rooms?

Starting anything from scratch can be a huge task… and also very expensive. Instead of creating an entire Escape Room from nothing, scout for locations where the environment and structures already tell part of the story.

Old school buildings, hospitals and warehouses are an amazing place to start. Many of them also have a spooky character, which can be very helpful if your plot has an element of fear or horror.

Using the right accessories adds a touch of realism that will help players immerse themselves in the story. Unused props from theatres or even schools can be very useful and will usually cost you nothing. Opt for second-hand furniture (even from your own home) to cut down on expenses. Garage sales, online platforms and furniture clearance sales can also be helpful. If you love DIY, you can even build some yourself.

How to place props and accessories in the right way inside an escape room&

Escape rooms are all about mystery, finding clues, solving them and performing tasks together. Place your props in such a way that the players move around the room and discover clues in the right sequence. Balance the difficulty with the amount of time available. Offers additional tips when necessary.


Designing an Escape Room challenge is fun and watching others enjoy your creation is even better. Why not try out Plan B Escape Rooms in Germany to see if you have what it takes?

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