Frequently Asked Questions

Any age restrictions?
Yes. Youngsters under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
Are the rooms suitable for scary people?
Also the fearful ones are welcome; you don’t have to be scared.
Can we also book for larger groups?
Yes, of course. However, it is also dependent on the current booking situation. So please inquire early enough.
How many groups are able to make the escape room in time?
On average, 70% of the groups are succesful.
How much time will it take?
You will get a brief explanation of the Exit Room before the game. To make the game starting in time, please be there 10 minutes before. Overall, you should expect 80-90 minutes.
What payment methods are accepted?
Online: PayPal, online transfer from girokonto and creditcard
Offline: cash payment
What if we can’t solve a riddle or don’t find the necessary hints?
A Game Operator is always available over an appropriate communications system, and will be able to offer additional advice and hints.
Can I also give away Plan B Escape Games as a gift?
Yes you can. You choose a gift on the room page.
Can I participate if I am physically restricted?
In our Karlsruher Location all the rooms are possible for people in a wheelchair. In Stuttgart not yet.
Do I have to consider anything connected to my health condition?
If you are suffering from claustrophobia, please check with us beforehand which rooms are suitable. People with nervous deseases can not participate in the game unfortunately.
In the case of an emergency, can I exit the room before all riddles are solved?
Yes, due to various security measures, the doors to all our exit rooms are left unlocked during a game and can be exited at any point.
Do you record and save the video feed?
No, the cameras are meant to serve our Game Operators. They allow them to follow your progress and occasionally offer advice in tricky situations.
Are there parking facilities nearby?
In the Jägerstraße there are several cheap parking facilities (about 50 m from Plan B). Also within walking distance, you can reach us quickly and easily. From Stuttgart Central Station for example, you can reach us in 5-7 minutes.

In the Gellertstraße and the surrounding streets you can easily park free of charge at the roadside and you nomally find a free place without any problem. Should you use the public transport: from the S-Bahn-Station „Händelstraße“ you can reach us within 5 minutes by foot.
Do you have any further questions? Then just contact us.

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