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Our offer for students

Student Surprise: With your valid student card, you get a 15% discount on the personal entrance fee.

During your studies, you always learn from a textbook. Of course, logical thinking is often required and desired, but still within your subject. But as we all know, real life is often different and more unpredictable than what you learn in lectures. Come to one of our Escape Games and experience what it really means to pay attention to details, to think logically and if necessary to drop all previous knowledge and listen to your gut feeling. In a live escape game, you get the chance to realize your full potential and experience what it really means to work together as a team to solve new problems and take on new challenges. We are eagerly awaiting your visit to one of our Exit Rooms and your individual solutions. Not only you will learn! We at Plan B even allow and wish for new solutions in the game and embrace your individual way of playing.

3 arguments for Students at Plan B


You don’t just learn from textbooks, you learn a lot more in real life. Can you handle a stressful situation or will your group fail because of it? At Plan B Escape Game, we know how important it is to work together. In life and in college.


As a student you are always in your own world, learning, working and celebrating from time to time. Join us at Plan B, experience something new, let everyday life be everyday and see what else the world has to offer.

3. Discounts

Students receive a 15% discount, if able to provide a valid student ID.

Benefit from our special conditions

Escape room for students is a perfect option if, in addition to the heat, the preparation for the exams also makes you sweat. Home papers and other duties are significantly increasing the stress factor? Then Plan B Escape has the right offer for you to escape the everyday stress for a moment. Come with your fellow students to take part in a game competition and test your creativity and knowledge. Whether you want to find out more about the crazy photographer or to save humankind from its demise in a post-apocalyptic world, excitement and fun are guaranteed in our locations. We will help you to choose the right games to play.

Should you still hesitate because your wallet looks quite empty at the end of the month?

As a student, you benefit from our special conditions. What are you waiting for? Book an Escape Game and save 15%. With the money saved, you can celebrate in one of the many bars and clubs close to our locations in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. A visit to PlanB Escape is therefore suitable as a successful start for your indoor night activities.

P.S. These brain games are also a great idea for the next birthday present. Here you can find our coupon page.

The Escape Rooms for Students

You and your team need to get out of a closed room in 60 minutes, which will have to be spent with puzzles, hidden clues, and tricky tasks. You become heroes of an incredible adventure, an exciting quest is guaranteed.

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