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Bachelor Parties in the Escape Rooms

Bachelor Parties in the Escape Rooms

The ideal bachelorette party is not necessarily a gathering with friends in a bar, strippers in police uniforms and vulgar competitions. If you want to arrange an original farewell to a bachelor life, book a quest and try an escape room: this adventure will be remembered for a long time. And the consequences, such as a hangover on a wedding morning, will not come from such an experience. We will help you to choose the right escape game for this occasion. Such an active pastime on the eve of the wedding day is a great way to relief tension and put your energy into the game.

3 arguments for Bachelor parties at Plan B

  1. Efficient
    Boring workshops or trivial day trips – at Escape Plan B teambuilding does not take more than 60 minutes.
  2. Sustainable
    The cohesion and creativity that is released during an escape game will also lead to a dynamic climate in your company in the long term.
  3. Positive
    In addition to promoting cooperation and skills such as creativity and logic, of cource, a positive group feeling remains after successfully having escaped with your team

Three arguments for an Escape Game at Plan B:

  • VersatileYou choose your adventure - there's something for everyone! And there is always a new adventure waiting for you!
  • Team spiritEverybody can and should get involved and this way you get to know your strengths and weaknesses.
  • UnforgettableAn experience that bonds together and that you like to share with the family.

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