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Escape Room The Abandoned Laboratory of the Ccrazy Photographer

Can you escape the laboratory before the crazy fotographer returns?

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The Abandoned Laboratory of the Crazy Photographer - 2 | PlanB Escape

Escape before it's too late.

Locked up in a dark room, you’ll find yourself in the photo lab of the infamous photographer. But how did you end up here and above all how can you escape?

Secrets and hidden messages

Can you solve all the puzzles and get the crazy photographer back on track?

The Abandoned Laboratory of the Crazy Photographer - 3 | PlanB Escape

Chilling horror experience

Embark on a journey into an adventure full of madness and mayhem.

A competition against time

You’ll hear it scratching on the walls and strange noises coming from everywhere, hurry or it’ll be too late.

The Abandoned Laboratory of the Crazy Photographer - 5 | PlanB Escape


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