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Escape Rooms during Corona times

  1. are there any escape rooms open again?

The short answer is yes.

Most of the escape room providers have opened again since the beginning of June, because at that time people from one household were allowed to play indoor activities together again. By now the restrictions have decreased to such an extent that people from several households are allowed to play together.

There are individual providers who have not yet reopened in order to rebuild or modernise their rooms during this time, but these will certainly also reopen soon.

Note, however, that due to the uncertain situation, it is possible that a new wave of corona infections could well lead to new regulations being issued by the government and various recreational facilities having to close or adapt again. If it is not clear from the operator’s website whether they have already reopened, it is best to contact the operators directly and let them advise you.

  1. what must be considered?

The most important thing is that you only start your game if your state of health is good. The symptoms of a SARS-CoV-2 infection are not the same for everyone and range from coughing and breathing problems to fever or worse. So if you are not feeling well, inform the provider you booked with and cancel your game (most providers have relaxed their cancellation policy).

Also, people who have had contact with infected people in the last 14 days are not allowed to play our games.

Furthermore we ask you to follow the instructions of our game operators, we do our best to organize the games in a way that several groups do not meet in our premises, but this will only work if you support us and pay attention to what we tell you.

Wearing a mouth and nose mask is mandatory in our common area in the rooms itself is optional, more about this in the next section.

  1. what measures are taken?

As already mentioned, we organize our games in such a way that no groups meet in our shop to minimize the risk of infection.

Participants with symptoms are not allowed to participate in our games.

A mouth and nose mask must be worn in the common area.

All playing areas will be disinfected after each game, as well as all contact areas in our common area.

Pay by card if possible (in our Karlsruhe shop card payments are accepted on site, in Stuttgart not, best use the direct online payment when booking the date).

The rooms are ventilated for a few minutes after each game.

  1. why should I go to an Escape Room?

It sounds like there are a lot of requirements that have to be met and that make the whole Escape game much too complicated, but there are only a few things you have to consider as a player, we take care of most things without you having to contribute.

While most people are currently turning to outdoor activities and overcrowding these recreational activities, increasing the risk of infection, you can rest assured with us and other escape room providers that we will make sure that you don’t stand shoulder to shoulder with other participants and that you have a private experience with the people you have chosen for your adventure.

Furthermore, Escape Games are of course always great fun that is always worth it, and can take you a little bit out of the normal everyday life and the worries that come with Corona.

We have a wide range of different games for you to play, whether you want to enter our Fallout Room and save the world from nuclear disaster or prove your magic skills in Magic University, there is something for everyone. If you like it realistically, you can also visit our Bunker 71, where an unknown gas has escaped and needs to be contained by you as a group.


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