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What are the Skills for Ideal Team Player?

1. Why is it so important to be a great team player?

Being a great team player is a universally desirable skill. Whether in a sports team, at work or even in a private group, be it friends or family, a great team player always improves the group dynamic.

The ability to work with other people in order to achieve a common goal has always been very important. It increases productivity, goals can be achieved much faster and it’s a healthier approach to life in a society where people can become isolated very easily.

But what are the skills required to become a successful team player?

2.0. The most important team player skills

2.1. Humility:

Remaining humble while sharing your ideas with the people you’re working with isn’t always easy, but it’s a very important skill. It means you have to be able to take constructive criticism about your work, but to also praise the work of others, if so deserved.

2.2. Confidence:

Likewise, you should not shy away from speaking your mind and criticising others when it is appropriate to do so. Have confidence in your ideas and share them with the team, accept praise but don’t brag about it.

2.3. Drive:

Perseverance is very important, if you want to get the job done in time and as efficiently as possible. Dedication to the task, project or goal you are trying to accomplish is absolutely essential.

2.4. Adaptability:

More often than not, things don’t go completely according to plan. Being flexible and adapting quickly to the changes that might occur will ensure that the goal is still reached in time and the quality of the work doesn’t suffer.

2.5. Reliability:

Every single team player has to make sure they pull their weight. This means performing consistently, being able to manage time in order to meet deadlines and never letting the other team members down.

2.6. Positivity:

A positive attitude will not only help you keep things friendly, it will also help you avoid unnecessary stress caused by arguments, or unexpected setbacks.

3. How can team player skills help you win an escape game?

An escape game can be viewed as a playful way to test the aforementioned skills and to further improve them. While there is obviously less pressure than there would be in a performance oriented environment, those skills will still come in very handy.

As you enter the room with your team and start searching for riddles and clues, confidently sharing information and ideas for possible solutions with the other players is important to advance the game. Working towards a common goal can be a challenge, because everyone has an individual approach. The ability to figure out a solution that works for everyone and that respects and includes everyone’s contributions is what defines a great team.

We all know there is no ‘I’ in ‘team’, but there is also no ‘I’ in ‘escape room’, which means that you have to make sure you don’t go off on your own and leave the others behind. Come together once in a while and share the information you gathered, so that everyone knows what’s up.

Getting stuck on a riddle during the game is bound to happen, and here is where your perseverance and dedication will come in very handy. Confer with your team and soon you will find a solution!

Escape Rooms come in a wide variety of themes and sometimes you don’t know what to expect to find when you first enter. Being adaptable and flexible will help you find your way in any scenario.

Don’t forget that your team is counting on you, so do your best and support the others in order to win the game.

This casual ‘team sport’ is a fun and exciting way to test and improve your team skills and it provides an excellent opportunity to get to know each other on a more personal level. It will give each team member the chance to show their personal qualities and abilities and help to build confidence, overcome insecurities and bring the team closer together.

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