Escape Room The Secret Jungle

The jungle is closing in around you and if you want to live, you will have to escape its clutches.

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The Game of Life

Whether by chance or destiny, one of the legendary magical artifacts of this world has fallen into your hands.

The Secret Jungle - 2 | PlanB Escape
The Secret Jungle - 3 | PlanB Escape

Every move counts

Will your next move be the right one? Only one way to find out…

The ultimate challenge

Trapped in a strange environment, full of insidious animals, hidden dangers and ancient secrets – you only have one choice… Escape and survive.

A true jungle feeling

Every detail has been perfectly thought through and recreated as realistically as possible for your entertainment.

Destiny or free will?

Has your story already been written or can you still influence it? Seems like you only have one choice… Come and find out!

The Secret Jungle - 6 | PlanB Escape


  • Players
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  • Language
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  • Theme
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