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Diary Day 1 Plan B Escape Game Stuttgart

So first day back after a couple of quiet days. When I walked into our office at Plan B, I realised I had missed the familiar atmosphere, everything just like I left it. I don’t need to wait for long before my first group of the day shows up, a group of 5 friends wanting to test their escape skills in Project:Impossible. Project Impossible being our hardest room, and them being first time players, I was already prepared for an exciting and funny game. The group proved surprisingly adept at solving our riddles, and with only a little help from my end, they were able to fulfill their mission and escape within the hour.

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One day at PlanB in Karlsruhe

Today we are not talking about a very large group that encourages each other to create the rooms as quickly as possible. Today we are talking about two groups. Because although our Escape Games in Kalrsruhe can also be played by 6 PErsons, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for two. It’s not easy but we’ve had a lot of two groups that made it out of our rooms.

E.g. last week when a young man invited his date to our Escape Room. Somewhat unusual, but something like that remains in our memories. After initial difficulties and the somewhat strange situation of being chained together, the two did very well and worked wonderfully together, so that they managed to escape within 55 minutes. Escape Room “The abandoned laboratory of the crazy photographer” Escape Game in Karlsruhe

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