Der Kerker

A test against time, will you and your team be able to flee from our medieval torture chamber?

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Whether for a teambuilding event or as a date for two, the quests in our dungeon inspire even the most experienced exit game players and beginners at the same time. With our dungeon we offer you the unique opportunity to literally break out of your everyday life and test your skills in an unusual live-adventure situation. Will your group be one of the few to escape, or will our escape game take you to the limits of your friendship and teamwork. Find out.

Puzzle fun in medieval setting.

Puzzle your way through our dungeon and discover all kinds of medieval items that are necessary for your escape.

Der Kerker - 2 | PlanB Escape
Der Kerker - 3 | PlanB Escape

Escape the torture chamber.

Follow in the footsteps of an old prisoner and complete the puzzles that helped him escape hundreds of years ago.

The somewhat different prison.

No desire for a standard breakout Escape Room? Add extra flair to your escape with our medieval setting.

Fully immersive experience.

We worked hard to recreate the atmosphere and flair of a dungeon.

Der Kerker - 5 | PlanB Escape
Book the game
We will call and arrange a booking. Fast and convenient way to book.
Book the game
We will call and arrange a booking. Fast and convenient way to book.
Logical tasks & thrilling puzzles to solve
To complete the quest, teamwork and the ability to think logically are required, as well as attention to even the smallest details, because they can be important hints on the way out of the bunker.
Great deal for any party with friends and familly
Our Exit Games offer you an extraordinary experience that will be more fun than a movie night or a visit to the pizzeria.
The extraordinary event for your colleagues
Team building events have a firm place in companies. After all, you are most successful if you have a good team that can adapt to different situations and challenges and work together.